About Us

Our Story

Nustar was created in 2013 by Joe Macaluso. It has since become a telecom powerhouse under the leadership of its new CEO Tristan Martinez, an industry veteran with over 20 years experience.

Making it all simple.

We are your one stop shop. We simplify the complexity of your communication services. Let professionals manage it all for you and save money doing it.


Our Vision, Your Future.

Nustar strives to give you the most cost effective services possible. We always look ahead and try to predict where the technology is going and what you will need from us tomorrow.


Before Us, The Customer. Our success depends on understanding our customers, making great stuff that they want and value, and delivering it every day. Without them, there is no us.

Excellence, Served Daily. Good simply isn’t good enough. Success tomorrow depends on outstanding execution today.

Do The Right Thing. Every decision and action is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity. We will not tolerate unethical behavior. We respect people. We embrace diversity. We give back to the community as exemplary corporate citizens.

Be Accountable. Act like a business owner. Do what’s necessary, not what’s asked. Drive the results that matter for our customers, each other and our shareholders

Nustar Communications, Inc is highly involved on a social level although we do not advertise it or try to capitalize on it for marketing. Nustar is a carbon-free company, we donate up to 10% of our yearly profits to charities such as the Red Cross and World Vision.

Nustar Communications Inc is a Florida based corporation. Its sole proprietor and CEO Joseph Macaluso is a veteran of the telecom industry. Our corporate offices are located at:

3474 Cypress Trail
Unit 106
West Palm Beach, Fl 33417